The following patients and doctors wrote to share their success stories after treatment with the TMA Diowave Class IV laser:


Patient: Lauren T.
Diagnosis: Ulmnar Nerve/Pain
Complaint: Scar Tissue/Pain Following Surgery

Outcome: "I had an ulmnar nerve release in 1995. A lot of scare tissue was removed. I was mostly pain free for 12 years. When the scare tissue grew back it was just as painful as right before surgery. I was miserable and tried many diiferent types of therapy sessions - perhaps 40 and the pain still persisted, and with just 4 treatments I'm back to full use, painfree! Thank YOU for creating this machine."


Patient: Richard M.
Age: 78
Diagnosis: Severe Arthritis of the left hip;
Prognosis: Told by doctor that hip replacement was only option;

Complaint: "Unbearable" left hip pain that does not decrease with medication. The pain also interferes with walking and wakes him up at night.

Outcome: "Within 15 minutes of the first treatment, the pain subsided dramatically. After twenty minutes, the treatment was over and I left the room feeling a great deal relieved. By the fourth visit, I was pleased to discover the pain relief lasted over the weekend into Monday".


Patient: William J.
Age: 54
Diagnosis: Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Complaint: Extreme pain of the right elbow, unresponsive to rest, ice, and medication over the past 3 months;

Outcome: "I had contracted tennis elbow on the right arm. The severity was such that I started playing tennis with my left arm. Five laser treatments were administered over a period of fourteen days. After the first laser treatment there was an immediate and noteworthy reduction in pain accompanied by a moderate gain in functional ability. Thanks to the laser treatments, I was able to play high-level tennis with no pain whatsoever".


Patient: A.W.
Age: Senior/Retired
Diagnosis: Severely Disabled

Outcome: Last Friday, before Christmas, A.W. was hobbling down the hall and turned around and looked me right in the eye and said, "I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me this year. Because of you I don't need a cane by my bedside, I can continue doing the dead lift in the senior Olympics and when I went to Hawaii, this year, I could swim with no discomfort, something I could not do last year". A.W. is one of the top patent attorneys in the country, listing among his clients, NIH and Microsoft. Needless to say this stopped me in my tracks and humbled me. This guy, through his own research, brought the Avicenna laser to my attention, and he is thanking ME! Humbled to be sure!

Happy New Year,
Dennis A Nowack, DC
Clinic Director
Oregon Wellness Center


Patient: Joan C.
Age: 74
Diagnosis: Neuropathy - Extreme pain (feet);
Source: Letter to Avicenna CEO/Founder

Dear Dr. Coren:

I spoke to you by phone some months ago when Dr. Dorfman used your laser in the healing of my neuropathy. It has been a miracle. Thank you for this laser. It has changed my life from a semi-invalid to a 74-year-old who is exercising and on the go 10 hours a day.

God Bless You,
Joan C.
Boca Raton, Florida



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